Gold Tone musical instruments are available at banjocrazy.com through Paul Roberts. (970) 731-3117.

Gold Tone’s video description:

This video should give you an idea of what we do here at Gold Tone. Of the 140+ instruments we produce, every single model will go through this inspection and extensive setup process before being shipped from our shop in Titusville, FL. We outsource our manufacturing efforts overseas to keep your costs down, but our in-house final assembly and setup procedures are second to none.

We are proud to offer American engineered, professional quality instruments that are affordable and inspire you. When you pick one up at your local music store, it will play perfectly and sound worlds above what you would actually pay for it.

Whether you are just starting out on a Gold Tone or you have chosen it to be the last instrument you will ever purchase, we hope the care we put into it here at the factory will bring you a lifetime of enjoyment!