Octajo 1Gold Tone is introducing an octave mandolin-banjo. The Octajo is a double-course tenor banjo tuned an octave below the mandolin. Featuring a 12” rim with bronze tone ring and an octave mandolin neck, the Octajo can be strung with either metal or nylon strings for a choice of dramatically contrasting tonal characteristics.

The Octajo fills a niche in a time when octave mandolins are gaining popularity. It opens a new tonal spectrum in the banjo and mandolin families of instruments. The Octajo is an instrument with a huge voice that will find its way into all kinds of music.
I’ve been working with Gold Tone as a retailer, independent product specialist and designer for many years and it’s a thrill to have been asked to bring out this new instrument. I’ll be receiving one soon and will update with videos and more information as my Octajo and I get to know each other.

The Octajo has landed on Planet Earth and is available through banjocrazy.com. Banjo Crazy Paul will soon be posting video demonstrations of this remarkable new instrument, so stay tuned.