Uploaded on Aug 20, 2009


I hope you enjoy my rendition of “Farewell to Ireland,” an Irish reel played on a Gold Tone IT-250 Irish tenor banjo. It’s a 4-string banjo, tuned in fifths – GDAE – an octave lower than a mandolin or fiddle. The IT-250 has a 17-frets scale and is a total delight to play. This one is gold plated, although the model also comes nickel plated.

I’m playing fingerstyle – instead of with a flat pick – a style I learned from Gordon Johnston who’s a great Irish tenor banjo player. There’s an exclusive and highly informative interview with Gordon Johnston on my website http://www.banjocrazy.com/ where I am represent the Gold Tone Banjo, a company that offers an amazing array of banjos and other plucked string instruments. You can hear and see Gordon on YouTube.

Please visit my site http://www.banjocrazy.com/ to check out the instruments I offer and read exclusive interviews with great banjo players like Adam Hurt, Cathy Fink, Marcy Marxer, Bob Carlin, Gordon Johnston and others.

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