Win a Gold Tone ML-100 “Missing Link” Banjo!

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Enter now to win the much-anticipated “Missing Link” from Gold Tone! This unique banjo was designed by Bela Fleck, who is playing the Missing Link as well as a Gold Tone cello banjo on his current with his wife Abigail Washburn.

Tuned down to C (cGCEG), this banjo fills a register higher than a cello banjo but lower than a standard banjo.

The ML-100 features a 12″ maple rim, bronze tone ring, radiused fingerboard with 33mm nut, noveau inlay with Bela Fleck block on the ebony fingerboard, maple neck, mahogany resonator, and all wound strings (Bela’s idea). It is also convertible to an open back. Hear Bela play it in this video.