We’re eagerly awaiting the arrival of the first batch of Gold Tone’s new banjo by Béla Fleck call the Missing Link. I’ll be selling Béla Fleck’s exciting new 5-string banjo through my Gold Tone dealership atbanjocrazy.com. The model number of this exciting new low-tuned 5-string banjo by Béla Fleck is Gold Tone ML-100. I’m taking no-deposit reservations for the Missing Link. The price is $1,424.00 including hard shell case and shipping in most of the US.

Gold Tone states, “Over the past few months, there have been tons of inquires about the “Missing Link” and today I am proud to announce on behalf of Wayne and Bela that Gold Tone will be shipping the Missing Link by late summer…

It’s been a fun time exploring all the tonal possibilities with Bela over the last few months. We’ve been through 4 prototypes and now 4 more all with different parts for him to continue testing until we reach perfection. For those of you who don’t know yet, the “Missing Link” fills the void between the frequencies of a normal 5 string and cello banjo.”

The tuning of Béla Fleck’s Missing Link Banjo is dropped to CGCEG. The strings are wound metal; the gauges are .18  .22  .25  .36  .18.

The neck on “The Missing Link” Béla Fleck is radiused to Béla Fleck’s exact specifications.

The pot assembly is a 12″ rim with rolled brass tone ring, Renaissance head and specially-designed resonator.

To speak to Paul Roberts about the purchase of “The Missing Link” by Béla Fleck, or any other Gold Tone instrument, please call me at 970-731-3117. My website is banjocrazy.com