Béla showing Juno the Missing Link banjo

Béla Fleck got Steve Martin excited about Béla’s his new baritone banjo, and Steve jumped on the phone to Gold Tone president Wayne Rogers to snag one of the first Missing Links, which are now in the air flying to the US from China. Béla Fleck is playing the Missing Link on tour with Abigail Washburn.

After an exceptional number of prototypes, scrupulously evaluated by one of the most advanced banjo players of all time, a meticulously tricked-out flying machine is about to land on planet banjo.

The currently available videos showing the ML-1 are 3-finger picking, but Wayne reports it also sounds great for clawhammer. Soon we’ll have videos of clawhammer and other styles.

Béla has chosen the Fishman Classic Series banjo pickup to use on his Missing Link. Gold Tone will be installing this pickup as an option.



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