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The new Béla Fleck “Missing Link” baritone banjo is available through, the site that features Gold Tone instruments; owned by Paul Roberts who is an independent product specialist, consultant and retailer for Gold Tone. Call 970-731-3117
Standard 5-string tunings are on the left, baritone tunings on the right.
gDGBD (G) =  cGCEG (C) capo 2, D
gCGBD (C) = cFCEG (F) capo 2, G; capo 4, A
gCGCD (double C) = cFGFG (double F) capo 2, double G; capo 4, double A
gDGCD (G-modal) = cGCFD (C-modal) capo 2, D-modal
f# D F# A D (D) = bGBDG (G) capo 2, A
g C G C E (open C)  =  c F C F A (capo 2 is open G)
The Missing Link Baritone Banjo has a maple neck, three-ply Canadian maple twelve inch rim, sand-cast bronze tone ring, mahogany resonator, Gold Tone “Terminator” tailpiece, our patented Zero Glide nut, a 15/16″ compensated maple and ebony bridge, all nickel-wound strings (gauged .018w,.022w, .028w, .038w, .018w, made for us by D’Addario)) and a medium crown black Renaissance head by Remo.