Paul Roberts is Gold Tone Artist of the Month

Paul Roberts is a multi-instrumentalist who is affiliated with Gold Tone as an independent product specialist, consultant and retailer. Paul’s Gold Tone site is 970-731-3117


The Octajo is a double-course tenor banjo tuned an octave below the mandolin. Featuring a 12” rim with bronze tone ring and an octave mandolin neck, the Octajo can be strung with either metal or nylon strings for a choice of dramatically contrasting tonal characteristics.The Octajo fills a niche in a time when octave mandolins are gaining popularity. It opens a new tonal spectrum in the banjo and mandolin families of instruments. The Octajo is an instrument with a huge voice that will find its way into all kinds of music.

Paul Roberts

Paul has been playing banjo since 1962, when he became entranced with the bluegrass sound and technique. After six months of intense study, his first teacher handed over all her students to Paul. In college and during his career as a music therapist at McClean hospital in Belmont Massachussets, Paul used the banjo extensively.

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The GM-6+ is designed for guitarists and is tuned one octave higher than a regular guitar. It can provide the chop rhythm for bluegrass or country music without learning mandolin. The radiused fingerboard and wider neck allows for easier fingering. String action is super low and lead lines may be played very rapidly. This is a must instrument for guitarists in bluegrass jams and lends itself well in recording applications.  It plays an octave above guitar.

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GT Accessory

Banjo Mutes

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Recently designed By the Gold Tone Folks, the ultimate mute surpasses all other muffling devices. This USA Handmade Mute has all the best features but most of all it provides a quiet, sustaining tone which is pleasing for all styles of banjo. It is also the easiest to install and uninstall and fastens securely on the bridge.

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How to: Adjusting the Truss Rod
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