The Gold Tone Dulciborn mates the Weissenborn guitar body to the mountain dulcimer to provide the extended tonal range that dulcimer players have been longing for. Want to be HEARD? Play a Dulciborn!

Christine Shoemaker – Winter’s Delete Key

“I started playing the Mountain Dulcimer about 3 years ago, then purchased my Dulciborn from John Hawk 2 years ago. It has opened up a whole new avenue for my songwriting. Plus, for the first time in my life, I actually want to perform in public to showcase this incredibly fun instrument.”  -Christine Shoemaker

Musicians nowadays are always looking for inspiration. If you’ve ever picked up a new instrument to play around with, you’ve likely experienced this rush of excitement as new sonic possibilities are discovered. That’s what we aim for in our Folkternative line of musical instruments. We meld the excitement of new sounds, with the knowledge and hard work that you’ve already put into learning an instrument. The result is pure enjoyment!

Gold Tone Dulciborn from Banjo Crazy. Call Paul Roberts at 970-731-3117.