If you’re looking for a fine, rare sarod that’s ready for concert performing and recording you’ve come to the right place. This is a one-piece sarod made by the late great Hemen Sen, the best maker for sarods throughout the second half of the twentieth century. Unmatched, especially in their sound quality,nearly all major sarod masters play his instruments. Since the death of Hemen Sen in 2010, finding one of his sarods, especially in great condition, is quite unusual.

This instrument was played for a few months by a student of Ali Akbar Khan, 45 years ago. The skin was replaced by Montino Bourbon, a well-known disciple of Ali Akbar Khan, who considered this to be one of the better Hemen sarods received by the Ali Akbar College of Music in the early 1970s.

I studied sitar with Dr. Shyam Yodh and Ustad Rais Khan. Ali Akbar Khan’s sarod music was my original inspiration for taking up classical Indian music, in the 1960s. This sarod has exactly the sound I love in his playing. But, alas, I have had to conclude that I’m not cut out to play sarod. The noting requires too different a technique than what I’m used to, on other plucked string instruments. So, I’m going to sell this to someone who has a better prospect of utilizing its awesome potential, and I’ll get a harp.

PRICE: $2,300.00 plus shipping