“Gold Tone Cello Banjos are a unique new production instrument resurrected from the days of the banjo orchestra. The pros love them: Bela Fleck, Tony Trishka, Bob Carlin, Marcy Marxer, Cathy Moore, Mary Cox plus many more. Cello Banjos easily fit into ensemble music or can be played solo.

Occasionally, a Gold Tone dealer takes a special interest in a particular product and gives it his all. Paul Roberts of BanjoCrazy.com has set up his site featuring our cello banjos and has provided history, interviews, playing techniques, collections of music and videos, and a wealth of information on the specifications. If you’re interested in learning more about cello banjos, visit BanjoCrazy.com and talk to Paul who is an authority on this special instrument.”

Sincerely yours,

Wayne A. Rogers