Marcy Marxer Signature Model CEB-4 Gold Tone Cello Banjo


Marcy Marxer signature model. The 4 string cello banjo, originally used in turn of the century banjo orchestras, has been redefined in this decade by the playing style of Marcy Marxer. Tuned in 5ths it allows accompaniment and lead arrangements for not only old time but most all genres of music. Plus string gauges may be changed for low octave playing of any four stringed instrument The 14” body is very loud and the brass tone ring extends its punchy tone. The shortened scale makes fingering easy. It uses nylon high tension classical strings. Mandolinists, cello, violin or viola players can finger immediately, lending a new tone to all styles of music.

“These banjos have their own soulful sound,” Marcy said. “Thanks for understanding why I bonded with this instrument, and bonding with it yourself. This voice hasn’t been heard for close to 100 years! When it was heard, it was barely playable. It needed to come back as a playable instrument. The Cello Banjo has been given a second chance, and this time it’s working! Thank you for being part of it, Paul.”