“Music has been my life focus,” says Paul Roberts. “Working as a music therapist I’ve seen mental patients heal themselves through their music. Performing thousands of shows in elementary schools, with instruments from around the world, I’ve reveled with over a million kids, as they revel in their own innate connection to sounds they’ve never heard. Performing fine arts concerts I’ve been fulfilled by providing an experience which others can utilize for their own unfoldment. I opened to music and music took me in. I find it amazing and wonderful that one can relate to the world through the un-worldly modality of music.”

Paul Roberts offers Gold Tone musical instruments at banjocrazy.com. Paul’s musical background includes performing and composing on a wide variety of musical instruments and his notable work in the field of music therapy. Paul has worked closely with Gold Tone for the past six years as independent product specialist, consultant and retailer.

Paul’s favorite instrument is Gold Tones 5-string cello banjo, the CEB-5. Check out Paul’s website banjocrazy.com for all Gold Tone musical instruments plus interviews with great banjo players such as North Carolina clawhammer legend Adam Hurt.

Paul provides professional consultation and personal help in finding the perfect instrument. In addition to representing the standard Gold Tone line, Paul offers customized enhancements for Gold Tone banjos.

Contact Paul Roberts through banjocrazy.com or call (970) 731-311.